International Roles of the Association


Regarding the Compensation

When the copyrighted phonogram is used for broadcasts or performance in foreign nations where the copyright of the phonogram producer is protected, the corresponding broadcasting/performance companies shall be responsibility to make the compensation to the corresponding phonogram producer. The Association strives to settle the mutual management agreement for such compensation with proper organizations in overseas and to collect and distribute those compensations in a proper manner in order to protect and enhance the rights and benefits of the phonogram producers of Korea even in overseas.

Generation of Opportunities for the Overseas Expansion

The Association strives to generate more opportunities for the recording companies of Korea by actively participating in global music events including the Hong Kong Asia Music Festival, hosted by the Hong Kong IFPI(International Federation of Phonogram Industry).

Monitoring the Latest Trends of the Global Music Industry

By settling the partnership with the IFPI and other global organizations, the Association keeps track of the latest trends of the global music industry and global copyright issues in order to support and improve the rights and benefits of the phonogram producers of Korea.

Current situation of bilateral agreement