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안녕하십니까? 한국음반산업협회장 김경남입니다. 한국음반산업협회의 홈페이지를 방문해 주신 것을 환영합니다.

Recording Industry Association of Korea, established in 2006, has established the strong foundation that supports and promotes the major music companies and protects the intellectual properties of the music companies against all illegitimate recording including P2P and streaming service providers. Moreover, the RIAK promotes various policies such as ‘expansion of the profit structure of the music company’, ‘Strengthening of the representativeness of the music company, and ’Establishment of infrastructure for the music distribution environment’ for the music companies for fulfilling of their roles as the main body of the creative economy’ and ‘motor for the development of the cultural content industry’. The RIAK would be the driving force for supporting the music companies of Korea as the main body of the cultural contents industry.

Companion for the better future!

Together with the RIAK!

한국음반산업협회장 김경남