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Creation of the win-win structure of the music industry

Red triangle refers to 3 factors of the music industry- user, recording company, and distribution company
Yellow triangle refers to 3 factors of the music creation- copyright holder, performer and recording company. These three factors are expressed in this triangle, representing the perfect balance of them for leading the development of the recording industry.

Small flapping of butterflies, rippling into bigger waves

Just like the butterfly effect, the Association shall distribute the music of Korea throughout the world, causing huge changes in the global music industry.

Color representing the power of action and sensibility.

Red represents passion and innovation and yellow represents the power of action. The Association aims to lead the music industry with its actions based on spirits of innovation and passion.

Desired Talent of Association

The RIAK has established its HR policies for fully utilizing of potential of every member of the Association. The RIAK opens its door for people who can fully understand of the music industry, and the importance of creation of the new values and innovative organization culture.